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August 2001

Hello Friends of the Kenya Dental Mission Project,

I have received several letters from local friends we met in Kenya on
our trip this past summer. This one is very nice in that it is an
invitation from one of the men who was near where we were but not
exactly in his clinic. You can see that we have made a good impression
from our first dental mission trip and that there is room for more of
the same in the coming year. I wanted to share this with you and to get
you inspired to keep up the prayers, the supply and equipment donations
and the financial donations as we plan the Summer 2002 Kenya Dental
Mission trip.

Dr. Bill Williams

 Here is his letter:

June 2006

Hi Dr Williams,

What a wonderful job you are doing here in Kenya. I came to know your mission and support to us through a friend who happens to have come across your support projects in Olmekenyu, and parts of Maasai land. From there, I decided to know more about this then I got your e-mail address after accessing the internet.

     Personally, I wish to express my sincere gratitude to you, and to the whole team of ‘Tembea Na Yesu’ in your home country and wherever they are worldwide. These and more, I believe will great an amble ground for the revival of the whole world.

Time and again, we do need a diversified approach to the challenges, which faces us, as human beings. Thanks a lot for your thought to come to our continent to help others to know Christ and also receive basic necessities like health facilities.

        On the other hand, much have to be done to support these projects and others, especially reducing the level of unawareness and lack of basic knowledge resulting from insufficiency of information being disseminated through the existing channels of communication. This, has been the greatest loophole that has been an hindrance to the success of many support projects that have been previously initiated by the Missionary and other good willing friends across the world.

          In relation to the above, I understand you had an interest to come up with a media project (Radio station) here in Kenya, particularly a Christian channel. Being a trained media person and born again I wish to inform you that, this project is one of the viable ones, which have not been fully utilized here in Kenya. Due the freedom of expression and communication currently advocated for globally, the media has taken it to publish (print media), or broadcast (electronic media) all sorts of stuff, in their urge to sell as much as they can to make themselves richer and richer each day.

         Therefore, the general public (Christians) has been left to suffer in the hands of the merciless journalist, who at all times sadists to say. Having a Christian channel, gospel oriented media house for that matter, is a break from the politically charged news items that dominates the entire global top news. This will play a major role in restoring hope for peace in the world, which has been revealed as a chaotic theatre by people who are out to satisfy their own selfish gains.

         I believe it is time for the saints to take over and break these norms and show that they are the body of Christ. Lead from the front, for the world to follow the good news of Christ and not war- crimes and other inhuman news items published or broadcast in these existing stations.    

       Dr. Williams, I wish to let you know that the project will go a long way in helping us to realize the need to get in touch with our brethren from all over the word, and even our own neighbors in Africa, to experience the love of God.

      Otherwise, thanks a lot for your contribution in spreading the gospel to the whole world and also putting up other life-saving facilities, especially in Olmekenyu and Maasai land. Also you are very much welcome again to our country, I do assure you that incase you have a plan to start the radio project I’ll be grateful for that.

    God bless you and the whole of ‘Tembea Na Yesu’ fraternity. I do love you so much.  

Hope to hear from you.

            Thanks and bye.

  Henry Lang’at

William Ole Luka
From: William Ole Luka
Naikarra Dispensary
P.O. Box 182
Narok, Kenya



Greeting from Abry area of Naikarra, Leskuta and Olkerkesi, Maasi land Narok District. Thank you very much for your coming to the Narok Leshuta Dispensary and helping the Maasi removing their teeth. I am a 30 year old man, Maasai by tribe, working as the managing director of Maasai Dispensary which is being run by the church which is called Africa Gospel Church. Our medical program is being supported by the church. It was too bad that I did not meet you when your team was at Leskkuta. My staff , Stephen Siriai, told me all about your team and the work you have done. I am personally thanking you very much for your help. We have staff who can do some dental work but we do not have instruments. Also, we really need doctors who can visit and assist this needy one.

We have three dispensaries which are servicing more than 7000 people. We always get more than 200 patients who need dental care. I stay in Naikarra Mission station. I feel that the two locations which I am serving are very needy and also they require the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I would like you to know me and the work I am doing and the call that God has called me to do. I like to serve the needy and I will appreciate your service, too, in this needy community. If you have any plans to send your team to go outside to serve the needy, please consider Naikarra, Olderkesi and Leshuta. I will welcome you any time you feel you will come. If you come to Kenya again, just stop by and say hello and see what we are doing. You will not have any problem when you come.
I am sending my pictures when I am on my place of work. I am praying so that you will come and help this need one. They have appreciated the work you have done at Leschuta. I will be happy to work with you when you come. Please do not keep quiet. Write to me.


William Ole Luka


William (center left) and his fellow nurse, Paul Koske (center right) as they sit with two of their patients in Leschuta, Kenya.
Airmail from Stephen Siriam

June 26, 2001

Leschuta Dispensary
P.O. Box 182

Dear W. B. Williams & Sheila, 

Receive Christ's loving greetings. I am saved and love the Lord. He is my personal savior. You blessed the work of my hands and healed so many patients and I thank him because that is the promise from the cross during Jesus' torture. 

How are you all? Did you travel nicely. I have been praying for you and I hope you are doing well under the care of the Lord. I really enjoyed your being in the Dispensary and also in the church. I also like your teaching.  I am using the instruments you left and succeeding without difficulties. Also the video was good. People like it because of the translation. It speaks our language. God bless you all for the good work you have done. I wish I will be with you when you come again. I really would like to accompany you when you come again. When will you be coming again?

I also am asking for you prayers and support to have a motorbike because vehicles in Maasai are very few and patients suffer at home sometimes. And, I am being awakened at night because some deliveries at home have retained placentas and some faint because of Malaria. So I would use it to travel to work and help them. 

Also, I am assisting in Acetari  new church on Sundays of which I walk 10 kilometers and by 1:00p.m. I always try to be in the Dispensary to see whether the patients are there. 

Pass my love and greetings to your children, the team your together and church.

Your brother in Christ,

Stephen Siriam

Share with me: Matthew 18:19-20 "I also tell you this--if two of you agree down here on earth concerning anything you ask for, my Father in heaven will do it for you. For where two or three gather together because they are mine, I will be right there among them."


Patients seen June 4-7, 2001:  252
Teeth extracted:  600

Olmekenyu Dental Clinic
In two clinic days we saw 46 our 
first day and 111 our second day.

Morijo Dental Clinic
In two half days here at three 
locations, we saw nearly 100 patients. 
Patients showed up at 7:00 a.m. at 
the home of John our guide on our 
third day there more dental for care.




Dr. Bill, Sheila, and Tyler Williams join Bill's brother, Rev. Brad Williams, his sister-in-law, Christina Williams, a third year medical student and nurse, and his cousin, Millard Bowen, an Atlanta builder, in the Kenya Medical Outreach mission project 





Doing God’s work

Kenya Medical/Dental Clinic built by a team of 25 men, women and children from metro Atlanta serve the Kitsigis, Kikuyu, Kitsi and Masai tribes of southern Kenya.

Gifts to date (2001): over $110,000 to support this mission project.

Saving teeth, lives and souls; a chance to make a difference.


  Construction began August 2000 on a two acre tract of land which will include the medical clinic and a number of supporting buildings. There are now 7 acres that have been donated and/or purchased by KMO and donated to the community for this project. In May and June, 2001, the next crew arrived to continue work on the site. A dental clinic will be added to the facility as well as a church over the next year. Also planned are a doctor's residence, two nurses residences, a hotel and a parsonage.


  Kenya Medical Outreach, Inc. 

A non-profit, 
cross-cultural, non-denominational mission-oriented charity 
that accepts prayer, time, monetary and in-kind donations from individuals, foundations and corporations.

For more information or to send donations to continue God's work:
Email Dr. Bill Williams
Mail Bill at 
680 Wood Branch Trail
Suwanee, GA 30024



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