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Animals of the Masai Mara
June 2001 Photos by Dr. Bill Williams, Tyler Williams, and Sheila Williams




Elephants are plentiful in the Masai Mara. They graze in herds of 4 to 20.

Zebras near Fig Tree Camp where the water is plenty and the grass is low. 




The Elusive Black Rhino
We found the only one in the southern Masai Mara for a close-up photo

Giraffe family near Serena Mara




Hippotomus in the water of the Mara River

We got this stern look from a Cape Buffalo



Birds on a Cape Buffalo

Family of baboons out for a stroll



Thompson Gazelle with majestic horns

Giraffes are elegant animals and had eaten the leaves below 20 feet high from all the trees




This elephant was in a fight with another elephant when we drove up near it. As we moved in, its attention shifted to our Land Cruiser and it bellowed, shook its head and charged us. About the time it crossed the road, another Cruiser came up behind it and ran it towards us more. It was furious and bellowed more, tore at an ant hill over to the left of us and acted like a spoiled child. Later, we heard it calling its mother down in the valley as it ran down the road. In the distance we heard the return call of the elephants mother.



How to Contribute

  Kenya Medical Outreach, Inc. 

A non-profit, 
cross-cultural, non-denominational mission-oriented charity 
that accepts prayer, time, monetary and in-kind donations from individuals, foundations and corporations.

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