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Kenya 2002

Supply Needs were all met: 
Thanks to all who donated for this trip
7 days of Dental Clinics - 3 locations
7 Days of Medical Clinics - 3 locations
Children's Ministry
Evangelism - Construction
Photo Safari 


 2002 Dental Mission Team
30 Members Traveled This Year !

June 13-29, 2002

2005 Honduras Mission Trip

Join us for Dental Clinics like these:  

2001 Power Point Presentation
Large file size: download time 30 minutes on DSL

2001 Dental Clinic Photos: Olmekenyu    Narok   Morijo  

  Dr. Bill Williams and Rev. Brad Williams will send out applications for the dental mission trip in 2003 when the dates are confirmed. Cost will be about $3000 per person if booked early (in January). Price of the trip will rise as air fares escalate the closer we get to the mission date. One half ($1500) trip deposit is due upon sending in the application. Donations are tax deductible.

Help Us Show the Jesus film in Kenya


Letter from Mission Team Leader, Brad Williams, for
potential team members

Visit the Serengeti Plains of East Africa


2002 Kenya Dental Mission Sponsors
(to add your name to these lists, email me)

Prayer Team


 Bill Salokar of B.S.F. in Atlanta, GA
Richard & Kim Smith of B.S.F. in Alpharetta, GA
Claire & Danny Harrison of SHUMC and Buford, GA
Dr. Danny OKeefe, Chicago, IL
Dr. Nick Meyer, Phoenix, AZ
Dr. Grigore Lazarescu, Romania
Wayne Ingle, our NG # 91 Walk to Emmaus Leader
Jeff Wright of SHUMC and Flowery Branch, GA
Dr. John Sieweke of Conyers, GA
Julie Whitford of Sugar Hill, GA
Wesley Greathouse of B.S.F. in Atlanta, GA
Harriette Crain of Atlanta, GA
Dr Nitish Surathu, MDS, India
Betsy Pickren of Duluth, GA
Dilshad Kachra of Atlanta, but originally Tanzania
Tom Richardson of Atlanta Dental Supply 
Dr. Van Haywood of MCG and Augusta, GA
Ronald Clyne of BSF in Dunwoody, GA
Wayne Davis, our NG #91 Emmaus Brother
Patrick Horvath, our NG #91 Emmaus Brother
Scott White, our NG #91 Emmaus Brother
Jim Cochran, our NG #91 Emmaus Brother
Dr. Phil Miller, Augusta, GA
Hans Steele, of Marietta, GA
Toby Blackwell of Sugar Hill, GA
Randy Gorman of Mark Ministries Inc, New Orleans, LA
Jerry and Sharon McCullough 
Harriette Crain of Atlanta, GA
Steven.& Marie Sawyer of Suwanee, GA
Gail and Ted Meyer of Alphapetta, GA
David Schiff of Atlanta, GA
Tamara Silvestre of Suwanee, GA
Bert and Nancy Jacobs of Snellville, GA
Scott McLaughlin of MultiMedia Dental Systems, Inc.
Miroslav Stulik, Suwanee, GA
Dr. David Christie, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Heather Runyon, Lavonia, MI
Dr. Randy Farmer of Plano, TX
Dr. Kent Smith of Irving, TX
Dr. Bob Kehoe, of Dental Practice Report and 
Dental Products Report
Sugar Hill United Methodist Church

Equipment Donors and Sponsors

Dr. Arun Nayyar of Atlanta, GA
Dr. Richard Myers of Stone Mountain, GA
Tom Richardson and Atlanta Dental Supply Co.
Suwanee Dental Care, Suwanee, GA
Julie Whitford of Sugar Hill, GA
Wayne Davis, our NG #91 Emmaus Brother
Rowpar Pharmaceuticals, Inc. of  Phoenix. AZ
Dr. David Christie of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Sugar Hill United Methodist Church, Sugar Hill, GA
TriCounty Medical in Sugar Hill, GA
Dr. Neal Smith of Bridgman, MI
M. Yaqoob in Pakistan
J. Tim Rainey, DDS
Catholic Medical Relief Agency
Dr. Brett Silverman of Duluth, GA
Dr. Robert Fryer of Atlanta, GA
Dr. Jay Nitzkin, Lavonia, MI
Heather Runyon, Lavonia, MI
Dr. Scott Green in Montana
Oral B
Practice Works

Financial Donors and Sponsors


Aline & Sephen Drzik of Snellville, GA
Sugar Hill United Methodist Church Missions Committee
Dr. Bill and Anne Williams of Auburn, AL
Dr. Richard Myers of Stone Mountain, GA
Al Rowe of Sugar Hill, GA
Dr. Nick Meyer, Phoenix, AZ
Elmer & Betsy Wilson, Lilburn, GA
Ted and Gail Meyer, Alpharetta, GA
Bill and Betty Stark, Atlanta, GA
Pete and Terry Thomas of Suwanee, GA
Dr. Lori Stevens of Gainesville, GA
Suwanee Business Alliance
Patient Care Systems, Inc. Suwanee, GA
Suwanee Dental Care, Suwanee, GA
Web-Centric DMD, Suwanee, GA

Travel Team


Rev. Brad Williams: Team Leader
Dr. Bill Williams, Dentist
Sheila Williams, Certified Dental Asst.
Karin Cochran, Dental Asst.
Rev. Gilbert Fields, Assoc. Pastor
Pam Smith,R.N.,  Nurse
Meredith Rainey, Children's Ministry
Allison Davis, Children's Ministry
Cheri Bourchier, R.N., Nurse
Dr. Jason Boutwell, Dentist
Alisha Richerson, Dental Assistant
Larry Choskey, Construction Ministry
Charles Ellington, Construction Ministry
Rev. Lisa Derrick, Pastor, Walnut Grove UMC
Cheney Davis R.N., Medical Ministry
Daniel Whinnen, M.D., Medical Minsitry
Jackie Rogers
Gary Myers
Greg Hyde
Steve Shoemaker
Keith Jerris
Bryan Hollingsworth
Tony Carver
Jaime Carver
Hannah Hinkle
Heather Crawford
Megan Martin
Regina Myers
Erin Crawford

Email me if you would be interested in taking a dental mission trip to Kenya


30 Travel Members
Dental Assistants
Dental Installers
Helpers of All Kinds



Historically, one out of
ten have indicated a decision to receive Christ as a direct result of seeing the "JESUS" film.




The 10/40 Window is an area stretching from 10 to 40 north of the equator from West Africa to East Asia. Did you know that 90 percent of all unreached people groups live in this region of the world? The 10/40 Window is identified as having less than 2 percent of their populations as evangelical Christians. 



More Animals of the Masai Mara

How to Contribute

  Kenya Medical Outreach, Inc. 

A non-profit, 
cross-cultural, non-denominational mission-oriented charity 
that accepts prayer, time, monetary and in-kind donations from individuals, foundations and corporations.

For more information or to send donations to continue God's work:
Email Dr. Bill Williams
Mail Bill at 
680 Wood Branch Trail
Suwanee, GA 30024

Email Brad Williams

Mail Brad Williams at

Myrtle Grove United Methodist Church
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